Based in New Delhi B S Zenith Pont has been discreetly serving our clients for many years. Today, B S Zenith Pont specializes in do it yourself video security systems and Spy Cameras and other genuine spy products. Our systems are defined by quality systems and ease of operation for the buyer. The B S Zenith Pont team searches trade shows and conventions to source the best possible quality cameras at reasonable prices. 

Distributor of a wide variety of spy gear and spy equipment. Products include video/audio surveillance equipment, telephone, PC, employee, loss prevention, counter and GPS surveillance equipment, data recorders, microphones, voice loggers, forcible entry tools and much more. Also a well distributor of a wide variety of spy cameras. Products include body cameras, bullet cameras, pinhole cameras, car cameras, wireless camera, nanny cameras, IP cameras, weatherproof cameras, vandalism cameras, video counter, infrared illuminators and more.

B S ZENITH POINT is one of the top spy products selling company in Delhi and all over India. We are offering a variety of Spy Products & accessories with innovative technology to individuals, business companies, Private research Organizations or lots of companies throughout the world that needs monitoring accessories.

The B S ZENITH POINT has to offer every individual information regarding all types of items that are used in Sting operations or so known as spy or secret operations by various media people, Investigators or organizations work for monitoring purposes. Some very popular products about which you will obtain details are Spy CameraSpy Wireless, CameraSpy, Bluetooth EarpieceSpy Audio Device, Spy Software and Mobile Jammer. These Devices are very much used in Delhi and all over India by secret organizations and others. The details we provide will give you all up-dates of the latest products and also make you aware of their various uses.

B S ZENITH POINT has provided you reliable information about spy gadgets & equipments. Here you can get a wide range of latest spy products with all information regarding their functions & specifications. B S ZENITH POINT is one of the leading spy products selling company in Delhi and all over India. We provide a wide range of spy gadgets & equipments with cutting edge technology to individuals, corporate firms, Private investigation Agencies or lots of companies throughout the world that requires surveillance equipments.

We believe that everyone should have control over their businesses, properties and families. They should have all the information to keep them safe & secure from intruders or any anti-social elements. spy products play a vital role for surveillance and works like a spy agent just as we see in spy movies. With the help of these spy devices or equipments you can track or record both video & audio recording. There are a lot of places which are under surveillance of these hidden spy camerase.g. metro station, schools, colleges, shopping malls, restaurants, Govt. offices etc.

We have a wide range of high quality spy products including CCTV Cameras, Spy CamerasSpy Wireless CamerasSpy SoftwareSpy Audio Devicesand Mobile Phone Jammers etc. All these products have various categories and come in small & tiny sizes or portable sizes which makes them easy to use or operate from anywhere at anyplace. We have a team of highly qualified & professional people including private investigators, security technicians & electronic engineers who ensure the reliability and quality of our products. We assure you to deliver branded & reliable spy products and surveillance equipments.